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20 years of experience in coffee breaks

Customers come to Abyssinia Coffee to enjoy their favorite beverages delivered with outstanding service in a relaxing and friendly environment. Our coffee shops are warm, inviting places where everyone is welcome to hang out, relax, and savor the best coffees and teas in the world.

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We are passionate to share and transfer valuable knowledge among our people. Learning is a part of our system & culture to expand our capacity and to shape all team members mindset on the right track.s We take pride in our in-depth knowledge of the coffee world, market trends & changes, business management, as well as the latest technology & information available.

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G reat Abyssinia P.L.C. has its roots back to the early nineties when it was established as a sole proprietorship with an initial capital of Birr 10,000 with 10 emmployees by roasting, grounding and packing Arabica coffee using an old & dilapidated machine for exclusive domestic market consumption. In 2003 The enterprise has been reorganized as a private limited company with a capital of Birr 4.5 million fully subscribed in and also renamed as Great Abyssinia P.L.C. to associate it to the glory of the ancient Abyssinia. In 2014 Abyssinia coffee opened its first flagship store in it newly built building around bole medhanialem with three other store to open soon. Whether customers in your area tend to zoom in for a quick cup to go, or like to hang out and soak up the atmosphere, our store environments designed to suit your life style.


Roasting facility

At the heart of our 40,000 sq. ft. facility are 2 different roasting systems representing the Art and Science of Coffee Roasting and offering unrivalled roast styles, replication (profile roasting) and batch size flexibility, all freshly Batch Roasted on a "roast to order" basis. Whether your business needs Large or Small quantities, Drum Roasting, High yield Roasting or even Micro Roasting of Specialty Lots, we apply our considerable expertise and care all backed up by the highest accredited quality control systems.


Packaging /Labeling

With our latest packaging and weighting lines we can offer the widest range of options in the Ethiopian coffee industry. Whether our client wants a 400g Rosted Grounded or Rosted coffee grind sachet or in our standard sizes (1000g,500g or 250g) we also provide a bulk 500kg sack, we can offer it all.


Taste Profile Matcher

The ideal taste that suits the coffee lovers profile is a fun exploration of the complex flavors of coffee when combined with recommended food, which is a great way to discover specific taste on the palate. When pairing coffee with food, start by matching qualities in the coffee with corresponding qualities in food. Espresso Based beverages with rich & smooth tastes, like Cappuccino & Mocha, are nicely matching with Cakes & Pastries such as Strawberry Cheesecake & Cappuccino is an excellent union.



Our coffee is roasted and packed to order and delivered typically within a five working day turnaround, ensuring maximum freshness. With a fleet of our own delivery vehicles and strong partnerships with several third party distribution companies we have the ability to deliver your coffee to anywhere on the globe.


To understand the uniqueness of Ethiopian coffee we must understand the inherent qualities of coffee and the science behind the art of coffee roasting.