Coffee roasting is an integral process in producing high quality coffee. It requires precise measure in roasting temperature, densities and duration at specific atmospheric pressures. To consistently deliver the same high quality of coffee after every roast, we have invested the best coffee roasting machines from xxxxx in turkey. It gives us the accurate control in delivering what we believe to be the best-roasted coffee for our customers. Our customers only need to provide green coffee beans to us; we can then roast the coffee based on their specified requirements. Once the roasted coffee sample is approved, the same quality roasted coffee will be delivered to our customers' batch after batch. If customers prefer, we can also buy green coffee for them.

The very high quality standard not only applies to our roasting service, but also applies to our grinding service. With xxxx stands behind our grinding equipments; it means that we can precisely control the fineness of our ground coffee. Our customers can tell us how fine they want their ground coffee according to what kind of coffee machines they use, we can then grind the coffee correspondingly. It means that we have the equipment to provide this grinding service, as well as the knowledge of what is the best grinding formula to fit our customers need.

The laboratory can perform tests in three main areas: • green coffee tests, including the humidity measurement, bean size determination, defects evaluation, and general quality assessment;

like humidity and color measurement, ground coffee particle size distribution and roasted coffee bulk volume;

covering different controls like dimensional and printing quality for the packaging materials, bag weight statistics, residual O2 bag content, effective inner bag vacuum, and others.

The laboratory and cupping room are our quality assurance centers. Each and every batch of green and roasted coffee is examined at the laboratory and cupping room by our professionals. The cupping room is where our coffee experts give detail reviews on our products. Every batch is under detail analysis before roasting and before selling to ensure that the quality is up to standard. The cupping room is also used for training purpose. Trainings such as "Coffee Culture", "Coffee Drinks", "Espresso Technique" and "Coffee Machines" are all taking place here. Our consistency in quality assurance and regular trainings shows our passion and commitment to high quality coffee.